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glaring at her国产伦精品一区二区三区视频

Just then, Rebecca and Sarah came back downstairs.Sarah was freshly showered, with her hair still damp, but it was short, so it would dry quickly.She was dressed in nice jeans and a button down blouse with long sleeves. “You look perfect, Sarah.” Brian said.“Just like you're ready for school.” Sarah got a look on her face, maybe a little guilty.'I haven't been to school all year, sir.Not since the third week.” “Did Brad make you quit?” he asked.“Do you want to go back?Maybe to a different school?” “I really could?” she whispered, then looked at him in fear, because she'd asked a question, and that's what had gotten her into this whole mess to start with. “You really could.” he said, ignoring the flash he got at her impertinence.“What I want for you is a normal life.” “I don't know what a normal life is anymore.” she said, not even weepy about it.“I know for a fact that I can never go back to boring vanilla sex, no matter what you tell me.” she laughed.“It's the one good thing that ever came out of meeting Master Brad.” “How about college?Is there anything you want to do that would need college?” he asked.He gestured at the bag of money.“That's not enough, but I have the van, and there's girls in two houses earning punishments.I'm letting you go free and you can be whatever you want.Your sister, too, once we go get her.All the others. “I think you misunderstand, sir.” she said, extremely carefully.“The girls in the houses aren't being punished.”She licked her lips.“It's us that get kicked out of the houses that are being punished, sir.I had to earn $50000 before I could go back.I only got 37 something before you came and got me.I wouldn't mind going back to our house, but... I certainly don't want to go back to school, sir.” “So the best thing I could do for you is to drive you home and allow you to visit with your sister?Are you sure there's nothing else?Within the limits, of course.” he said, getting a better picture of the two houses in question. There were armed men nearby, protecting interests in a huge cash cow that belonged to a man who was no longer around to control it. He was only sixfteen year old kid, with no experience giving orders to grown men.Brad was in his late seventies, but still hard as a rock.Brad could feel the rage lurking just under the surface, waiting to make him stronger.If he would let it. He was going to need to let some anger out if he ever wanted to be able to near the neighborhood where the two houses were.He was going to have to hurt one of these girls, and he dreaded in his heart what it was going to do to him.Let alone what it would do to her.The more he hurt her, the stronger he would get, too. He knew that Brad had left the operation running under it's own steam, and it would continue to operate for some time to come, but without the profits being collected, the inmates would very soon be running the asylum.In order to be strong enough to even show his face driving that van, he was afraid of what it was going to take. “I know what you need, sir.” she said quietly.“It's the only way I know how to re-pay you for everything you've done for me already.” “What do I need, you fucking slut?” he snarled at her.“You gonna tell me what I need?” “No sir.” she said.“I would never presume to tell you to rip all these nice clothes off me and fuck me silly.No sir!I wouldn't tell you to squeeze my neck until I'm half unconscious and spasming on your cock as you come inside me, either.” “That's good, because I'm going to do it to Rebecca instead!” he laughed, then grabbed the diminutive brunette and tore her blouse open, scattering buttons everywhere.Rebecca had a very scared look in her eyes that turned to terror as Brian grabbed her bra and tore the two halves apart between the cups, even though it fastened in the back. “Oh, please...” she cried out, as she was forcibly turned around by the shoulders. “Shut up, slut.” he snarled, then tore her best skirt apart at the seam in the back, then throwing the rag to the floor.Her panties were next, brutally pulled apart at the hip on her right side and allowed to fall on her skirt. “Get those legs open, bitch.” he said, kicking her ankles apart.She could feel him rubbing his hard cock against her naked pussy, then with one hard shove, he buried it inside her, his hands firmly around her belly. “Don't you scream again.” he said in her ear, after her initial wail.“Even when it feels so good, you will NOT scream.Do you understand me?” “Yes sir.” she said, even though she didn't understand how this could ever possibly feel good.And then he pulled it back slowly, pushed it back in steadily, and she understood perfectly how this could feel good.She remembered how good she felt at the hands of her own mother just a short time ago, and this was even better. “You like getting fucked, don't you, you little slut?” he said.“Mindy, look how much of a slut your best friend is.” he said, fucking with long strokes that every one of his inches. “Tell her, Rebecca.Tell her how good you feel right now.” he said.“Tell her how much you like this.” “It's true.” Rebecca gasped.“This feels awesome, Mindy!I love getting fucked!I love getting fucked by your brother's big cock!” “Don't fuck her any faster, sir.” Sarah said, suddenly.“I don't think she could take it.” “You don't think so, huh?” he snarled, increasing his pace tenfold.He was driving it into the poor girl mercilessly, and she wordlessly rolled her eyes into the back of her head, flopping about as he pummeled her. “Don't choke her, Master!Please!” Sarah cried out, so Brian moved his hands up to the girl's neck and shut her air off with his powerful fingers. Rebecca began twitching uncontrollably as Brian began coming inside her, filling her up with more seed than he'd ever produced in his life.It flowed down the inside of her legs in small streams and lumps before he was done, and when he let go, Rebecca fell lifelessly to the floor. Sarah was on her knees instantly, pulling Rebecca's hands all the way up over her head and rolling her onto her back.She felt for a pulse at the neck, then bent over and blew a full breath into the prostrate girls mouth.She had to do it twice more before Rebecca jerked and began breathing on her own, coughing harshly and eventually sitting up. Mindy came over and looked viciously at Sarah.“What the fuck was that?” she demanded, putting her hands on her hips. “I asked him to do it to me.” Sarah said, pleadingly.“I'm sorry, but look at him.He really needed to do that.It's the only thing that can help him now.” Mindy turned and looked at her brother a moment, then did a double take.Her anger at Sarah suddenly evaporated. Gone was the baby faced little brother she'd last seen last night; this was a man, with the look in his eye of a hardened killer.Even his abs had gained a six pack definition.His cock was bigger, too.He had a mean look in his eye, the look of a man with a temper barely restrained.She could see the anger boiling in him just under the surface like magma. She didn't know how to appease that anger; she just knew better than to awaken it.She could taste fear in her mouth for the first time in her life, and she didn't like it.And it was Sarah's fault for awakening this beast in her brother.She wanted her sweet brother back.And in trade for this, she almost lost her dearest friend. “You know who really deserves this, Master?That little bitch's mother, the one you sent out to the van.She fucked up, and she could use a lesson like this.” Sara said quietly. Brian took two steps across the room and pushed Sarah into a reclining chair, glaring at her, then he strode out the door and slammed it hard behind him. “What the FUCK are you doing?” Mindy asked Sarah, furious. “He needs to be stronger, if he's going to drive that van.” Sarah explained.“A LOT stronger.” “That doesn't explain ANY of this.” Mindy said.“You better start telling me what's going on, or I swear I'll choke you to death myself.” “It's the van.” Sarah shivered.“And Brad, who painted it.I think he put some of his power into it or something when he painted it.Some of his rage and anger.” “What's he angry at?” Mindy asked. “I can only guess he's angry at his mother.” Sarah shrugged.“Can you think of another reason to hate women the way he does?” “Brian doesn't hate women.” Mindy said.“He absolutely cherishes me and Mom both.” “I hope that's true.” Sarah shivered.“Brad sure hated us.” “Can I have some water?” Rebecca asked, in a hoarse whisper. “Do you have any ginger ale?That helps better.” Sarah said, getting up and going into the kitchen.She opened the fridge and found cans of root beer instead. “Too fizzy.” she said, closing the door and turning on the sink to let the water run cold.She found the glasses on the second try and filled one up for the girl in the living room. Rebecca accepted the water gratefully and drank a few tentative swallows. “Why does the van need my brother to be stronger?” Mindy asked Sarah.Demanded, really. “The van turns us into sluts.” Sarah told the girl, who was not much younger then herself.“It makes us horny, and takes away our willpower.Surely you've noticed?” “I've noticed.” Mindy said dryly. “Well, just like the van needs a driver, submissive little sluts like us need to be driven, too.Brian won't be able to order us around properly unless he mans up a lot.The van is helping him do it.” “With anger?” Mindy asked, her eyebrows arching. Sarah shrugged.“That was Brad's.I hope Brian can turn it into something else.Something... kinder.A good Master doesn't have to be cruel, even though it's well within his rights to be.” “Brian is a good man.” said his sister confidently.“I know it in my heart.” “I believe you.” Sarah said.“Everything he has said to me so far has been kind.He wanted to see me in these clothes... and I didn't even wear clothes this nice before I met Brad.” she smiled.“I was a slut even before, when I think about it.I was a virgin, sure, but I'd already given two blowjobs to boys in my class when they asked me out.” “That doesn't make you a slut.” Mindy said, dubiously. “No, the blowjobs didn't, but the way I felt during the blowjobs?Yeah, I was already a slut, trust me.” Sarah laughed. “I'm one, too.” said Rebecca softly, her voice still rough and scratchy.She was going to have to wear scarves and turtle neck sweaters for a while.Her neck was already beginning to bruise badly.“I'm a slut too.”She burst into tears at the thought of it. “Daddy is going to be soo mad at me!” she said.“That's the worst part of it.If it wasn't for that... I could really like the good feelings.I want them all the time, even though...” “I know what you mean.” Sarah said, sympathetically.“I hate being a slave to my pussy, but... actually, I don't hate it!”All three girls shared a laugh over that, and the tension in the room was suddenly gone. Brian came back in the room, several inches taller and about twenty pounds heavier.His loose T-shirt had turned into an almost too tight muscle shirt, and his boxers threatened to tear and spill his cock out into plain sight. “Brian?” Mindy gaped, not believing her eyes. “Don't ask any questions!” Sarah hissed urgently.“It'll only make him mad!” “I've come to an understanding with the van,成熟yⅰn荡的美妇a片 Sarah.” Brian told her.“I don't need to be angry anymore, and you don't need to follow any of the rules that Brad taught you.You need to learn my rules now.” “What are your rules?” she asked meekly, almost afraid to know. “I haven't needed any yet, so I don't have any yet.” Brian told them.'Look, Brad was a complete asshole, I get that, but I'm not him, nor do I need to be him.I just need to be as strong willed as him, and I have it inside me already.I just needed to see it for myself, and the only way for that to happen was anger.” “I'm sorry I hurt you, Rebecca.I promise I'll never do anything like that to you again.” he said.“If I could undo what I just did, I would.Tell me how to make it up to you, and I'll try.” “Fuck me like that again sometime.” she said.“Without the choking, though.” “That's how I like to be fucked, too.” Sarah said.“Even with the choking.Brad got me so hooked on it, I can't go back to boring old missionary.It does nothing for me anymore.” “Let's see if we can't change that.” he said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.“How old are you, Sarah?” “I'll be nineteen next week.” she told him.“I first met Bradalmost three years ago, when I was just past my sixteenth birthday.” “How did you meet him?” Mindy asked. “I saw him parked across the street when I was downtown.” she said.“The picture on his van almost hypnotized me, so I went across and knocked on his window.Before I could say anything, he rolled it down and said that questions from pretty girls like me cost one kiss each.” “What was your question?” Mindy asked, breathless. “I asked him if I could have a ride in his van.” Sarah said wryly. “He told me to get in, then after I was in, he told me that rides in his van cost a blowjob.I didn't care; I wanted to do it.I'd done it twice already, and I liked doing it.I still like doing it.I didn't realize how much trouble I was in until he told me to take off my clothes first.I'd never been naked in front of someone before, but none of my embarrassment made any difference to the van.I'm a little fuckslut, and fucksluts do as their told in that van.” “Yes, that was one of the rules the van has for me that is non negotiable.” Brian chuckled.“The other is that I'm not to take a life with value if I want to keep access to this power.” “That's good to know.” Rebecca said, rubbing her throat.“Why did it make you almost kill me, then?Don't I have any value?” “It didn't kill you.” Brian said, looking at Sarah.“It just needed me to get angry enough to hurt someone, so that I would recognize my own strength and power.I needed me to be able to see that I was stronger than my temper, and I was.Out in the van, I started to treat your mother very badly, but then I came to my senses, and questioned my actions.I took control of myself, and in so doing, I learned much about myself.Things that Brad could see in me, but that I might never have seen for myself without his help.” “Why did you do it to me?Sarah was the one who provoked you.” Rebecca said, a little reprovingly. “I know what Brad's punishment entailed.” he said softly.“I knew what Sarah has already been through, and I'm not going to cause her a bit more pain.” “I need some pain, sometimes.” Sarah countered.“Just because you're not Brad, does that mean I'll never get to orgasm again?Because if that's the case, I'd rather go back to taking fifty dollar bills through that hole in the wall at the truck stop.” “What did you say?” Rebecca whispered.“What exactly were you doing at that truck stop?What was Brad's punishment?” “Behind the men's room at the truck stop.” said Sarah.“There's a hole in the wall, and men can stick their cocks through, with a fifty dollar bill, and they get their cock sucked.” she explained.“If they put a hundred through, you put your ass against the wall and let him fuck you.” “And you had to stay there until you made fifty thousand dollars?” Mindy gasped.“You made thirty seven thousand already!How long have you been there?” “Almost a year.” she said sadly.“It wasn't all from the hole in the wall, though.That was just my day job.I could make a couple hundred a night, sleeping in the doghouse with the truckers.Most of those guys are really sweet, and very lonely.All they really want is a blowjob and someone to cuddle with.Mostly.” “That's awful!” Rebecca said.“I'm so sorry you had to go through that.” “Hey, it's really not so bad, having all the cock I can suck all day.” Sarah retorted.“If I can't get off anymore because Brian is too much of a pussy to fuck me right, I'll go back right now!” Brian took one step toward her and punched her right between the breasts, hard.She got the wind knocked out of her and sat on the floor, stunned.While she was still opening and closing her mouth, lungs shut off for a moment, Brian was unbuttoning the jeans and pulling them off as he turned her over onto her belly.He yanked her panties down to her knees, then lifted her ass up into the air, making her stay on her knees with her face on the floor.She was still struggling to breathe as he sank his fully erect nine inches right into her, grunting as he pumped in and out of her. “What's that?” he said, still fucking her hard.'Did you say something about wanting to come?” He rolled her onto her side, then pulled one of her legs up and held her thigh to his belly, fucking her with powerful strokes.This new position finally allowed air to get back into her lungs, and as the oxygen hit her, so did her orgasm. She pulled in the sweet, sweet air, no need to exhale at all, feeling the waves of pleasure building up and up as she came back into her body.She could feel every inch of his hard cock moving inside her, stirring depths of passion she didn't know existed. This fuck seemed to have more of the strengthening effect on him that his strangle fuck with Rebecca had.He pulled nearly a foot of cock out of the twitching girl, and he was already ready to cum again, even though Sarah's pussy was oozing copious amounts of it into the carpet. He had also started out this morning a five foot two inches.Now he was six foot two inches, with wide shoulders and long legs.He looked like a Greek statue, all muscles and buff.“I'm going to need some clothes to drive home in.” he muttered under his breath, but Rebecca looked up at him. “My dad is that size, Brian.You could fit into some of his clothes, I bet.” Rebecca volunteered.“All he ever wears is business suits, though.” “I guess that will have to do.” Brian smiled.“Lead the way, milady.” Upstairs, he found a huge closet in the master bedroom, with at least 30 suits hanging in plastic on her father's third.The other two thirds of the walk in was devoted to Mrs. Bailey's clothes and shoes. Brian picked out a nice charcoal gray suit, found that the man's size twelve shoes were a perfect fit, and laid everything out on the bed.He went in to take a shower, then came out and began getting dressed.Rebecca looked at him strangely. “What?” he asked her, pulling the pants on without underwear.“Never heard of going commando?” “No, not that.' she said.She indicated her nakedness, laying wantonly on her parents bed.“I thought, when you brought me up here... and then I figured, after his shower.But now you're getting dressed to go.Don't you want me?I'll let you choke me again, too, if you want.” She licked her lips.“I might want a little of that.Just not as much this time.” “I have two houses full of girls to rescue, a very lucrative prostitution ring to gain control of, and two pistols in the van to do it with.I highly suspect that it's going to take both of the pistols, too.” he told her.'I'm leaving you here with your mother for now, and taking Sarah home to her sister.Then I intend to deal with whatever happens after that, which could be any number of a million possibilities I've thought of, but what actually happens probably won't going to be anything I've planned for, so I'm just winging it.Give me a break, please.I promise, I'll fuck you as much as you want when I get back.” he told her. “This suit needs a tie.” he muttered under his breath.“Do you know where your dad keeps his ties?” “Behind the door.” she pointed.Brian looked through the rack and picked out a nice light blue silk It had never been worn, and Brian had to take the tag off it.$1400??It was just a frigging tie, for God's sake.And the man had never worn it!? Brian didn't know how to tie it, so Rebecca did it for him. “I do this for Daddy sometimes.” she explained.“Sometimes, after his shower, he let's me watch him shave and get dressed in the mornings before he goes to work.”She saw Brian's look and giggled.“He's in his underwear, silly!It's not sexual at all!We just talk and stuff, honest.” “I'm glad of it.” he said, kissing her on the tip of her nose.“It got this tie on for me.” She pushed him away, friendly.“Go rescue those girls.” she said, smiling.“If they're all as pretty as Sarah, I can't wait to meet them!” Brian collected Sarah downstairs, where Mindy had helped her recover and clean up.She had the jeans back on, and the blouse was now tied together just under her perky breasts.Her eyes lit up when he told her he was taking her home now. “Wait here until I get back, Mindy.” he told his sister.“I know, I know, you want to see the houses where the girls live, but not today.I have to go make sure it's safe, first.”



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