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A Tale of the EndIn the End the universe was dying and it was just taking its last few breaths. The three eternals walked the realm, watching the last of the mortals clinging to final hope jumping from dying planet to dying planet. Danann the Goddess of Chaos, Ceannladir the God of Death, and Gramail the God of Time came together. Danaan looked upon the races of mortals and saw their will to live and was impressed. She spoke to her brothers asking what they could do. Ceannladir stood quite staring among the last stars. Gramail looked at his brother and sister and finally spoke. “Brother, Sister, long have we walked this universe and long have we held to the creed that we shall not physically interfere with the mortals.” Ceannladir slowly turned around and looked at Danann and frowned. “I have waited too long death will come to this universe. What would you have us do? I will have this universe.” Danann bites her lip and looks at them both “let the universe die. These mortals have a strong will survive. Why can we not save them for the next universe?” Ceannladir looked over his shoulder lost in thought, Gramail nods slowly. “Yes but how? How do we save these mortals? We cannot intervene it is our oath.” Ceannladir chuckles “who says we need interfere? Find the strongest of each race, and let’s grant them divinity they will not be bound by our oath. Then once this universe is dead we will not be bound by it either. We can help create a world for these stragglers. Then watch over them till the next universe.” Danann smiles and ran to hug her brother kissing his cheek “You have never let me down.” Gramail chuckles and says “How shall we give them divinity? I have no mortal coil neither do you Danann and Ceannladir yours is enough to make them run away in fright”Ceannladir smiles “then we shall see how much they want to live.”Passed on by the GodsIntroductionXias was a world unlike any before. Xias was created, its system unlike any before, with two stars a smaller one “Mota” and a larger one “Lios”. The gods came together to create Xmas.Xias in Human terms was a Dyson Sphere. It surrounded the smaller star and orbited the bigger one. Around the inner star the gods had built a floating astral palace that at any time covered half of the sun creating a day and night cycle on the inside and gave the inside its own atmosphere. The outside of Xias had its own atmosphere too letting life grow both on the inside and the outside. Xias had two moons the bigger moon “Risch” held the umbral palace of the gods. The smaller moon “Dne” held the resting place of the gods, a mausoleum to let the gods rest in peace. The outside held many oceans while the inside held more forests and jungles. There were passages between the inner and outer called the great thoroughfares. There were 26 gods in the beginning but Death, being the trickster he was, he gave them the power and made it so that after a certain amount of time he would be called to bring death to the gods. After their death a new god was chosen to take their placeThe thirteen races were wary of each other at first but soon came to terms with their new living arrangements. The races are as follows:Humans made up a minority of the races but soon was on the rise, they had an interesting marker in their DNA that let the humans DNA adapt to other races when they mated and developed half breeds.Kaire were a tall and muscular feline people ranging from humanoid with cat ears and tails to over grown cats standing on two legs, they were the proud hunters and resourceful trackers. Only the Luy’Can could stand up next to them the proud Wolf and Dog like people boasted some innate magic that let some of their people control their forms but it took years of learning control and discipline before they could master it. The Sidhe both dark and light are an elfin race proud and noble, all the best archers are either Sidhe or trained by the Sidhe. The Earthen are dwarf like the love anything shiny and are notorious brawlers and gamblers. Then there are the Tresios they are a plant like people who due to an unfortunate accident have a population where men are outnumbered 50 to 1 by females so their society has taken on a face of male worship. The worship their own males like rulers as the men move around a lot trying to spread their seed and repopulate their race but also they adore human males and it has become quite clear that human men are not to travel alone to any Tresios plantation. Sslevic is a mysterious snake like race that keep to themselves they are deadly assassins and equally powerful drug dealers. The Sanguine are what humans once called Vampires but along their evolution they managed to break the blood curse hold on them. The Ramgir are orcish and goblinesk in nature they are known to be stupid and slow but the rare smart Ramgir is not something to mess with.The Aquifar are an aquatic people that live on the coast or under the oceans they are never far from water.The Draconic are Dragons of old they are the bankers of this planet they guard their banks well and are not to be laughed at when it comes to making loans.The Agleo and Decona are two very different races that have a very strong connection when either species dies they are reborn as the other this angelic and demonic race used to be the biggest of enemies but now due to their connection have instead just decided to let the other be they try to keep their distances from each other knowing that they can’t mix.Chapter OneDeath: A StudyWhat is death without life? Or life without death? Can you call it life without end? Death is not the end but the beginning many great minds say. And I like to think that Death is vital since the time of his disappearance many thought it was a blessing but now here we are a thousand years later how many of us should have died naturally yet now the only way we can die is of extreme old age or a total destruction of the body. How long before we beg for death? The eternity before us is long. How long till we are all insane lifeless husks that have lot that end that we have come to realize as a release. Not as the end. Mort – 999 DD She woke up with a sense of wrongness it echoed through her but she didn’t know what was wrong.Touching her cheek where her husband usually kissed her. She felt his lips on her skin and she knew then that something was wrong.Running from the house she hoped to make it in time. Poitarn was an hour away walking and she had no horse. She reached the town and knew she was too late.Walking slowly through the town looking lost and alone, she slowly approached the town square where the crowd was. The people in the crowd didn’t notice her until she was standing in their midst. Whispers soon spread and a path was made for her some begging her to help the men, some apologizing. Before she made it to the center of the square she stopped.A soft furry hand fell on her shoulder and she slowly looked up at the golden female Kaire standing next to her. Mon’ta looked down at her with a tear in her eye and whispered. “I am sorry Lire we tried to get to him as fast as we could. But we just didn’t make it fast enough. Please forgive my clan if they hadn’t asked him out it would of just been my brothers out there.” Lireal felt a kiss on her cheek as the wind blew by and knew her husband was gone.She collapsed starting to cry holding on to the Kaire. Mon’ta knelt down and held her tightly. After a time Lireal stood and walked away not saying anything to anyone. Lireal was walking slowly through the forest lost and alone. Her husband was dead and she didn’t know how to handle it. Her sadness was swallowing her as she was walking. The tinkling of bells was heard drifting through the forest catching her attention. She slowly looks around, before stopping, her gaze falling on a black wisp. “Is it my time?” she whispers looking at the wisp.The wisp turns and moves into the forest and stops looking at her. She looks at it in confusion, black wisps usually meant that one’s death was close and this one wanted her to follow it. She shook her head not understanding at all. Her broken heart willing to follow her husband into the afterlife even if it meant dying somewhere no one would find her. So she decided to follow it. After walking through the forest for what seemed like an hour she stepped into a clearing the clouds covering it left it dark and inhospitable. Looking around she spots a deadfall of a tree on the ground the stump still in the ground walking closer she is amazed by the sight in front of her. Wisps a rainbow of them, every color imaginable, hovering above the stump. It took her a moment before she realized that none of them were looking at her they all were dancing about the stump looking down at the stump. She slowly inched closer and gasped when she sees a bundle on the stump, a baby, she moves closer looking at all the wisps as they move out of the way for her without looking away from the baby. She reaches the baby and kneels down looking at him. She was drawn to his eyes first they were striking the irises were black but had red ribbons running through them she gasps again when he turns those eyes on her like they were staring into her soul.She felt her world turn upside down tears started running down her face as she slowly picks up the baby. The hole in her heart was gone and she never beyond a shadow of a doubt this was a gift from the gods and they had heard her prayers. As she turns to walk back she notices that she is standing on the path back to her home and knew that the wisps had moved her. She finishes the trek home and laughs happily as she brings her son home for the first time.Chapter TwoPassed on to the elders of IsimaAfter The Eternal Death had vanished from our world. We were summoned to the holy temple. Our Goddess, Isima the Goddess of Charity, came before us and posed the question to the elders how does a god beg for forgiveness? She told a tale of 13 of the gods joining together and trapping Death. She would not tell which gods only that she was wondering how they would ask for forgiveness if he were to come back. How does one ask for true forgiveness?Elder Parch – 253 DDI was standing high in tarn tree, my bow out and ready, looking for my prey. ‘It is a pain’ I curse myself for getting into this bet. The snap of a twig brought my attention around. I smile to myself as a Green Stag steps out into the clearing up wind of me. ‘13 meters out’ I judge the distance carefully.Slowly I draw the bowstring back to my ear, on the string one of my special handmade red arrows. Taking a deep breath, I slowly exhale letting the arrow fly.My eyes follow the fetching of my arrow as it streaks through the forest. The stag falters upon impact and takes a couple steps before tripping falling down. Chuckling I quickly climb down the tree, before running off toward the Stag. Making it to the clearing I notice two men standing over the stag smiling and chuckling to themselves. Stepping from the treeline I cough “Do you need some help or were you admiring my kill?” I ask slowly.The men turn and look me up and down. Looking over the men slowly. I notice one with a scar under his eye looking like he is in charge and the other with crooked nose. Both men are dressed haggardly. The one with the scar steps forward and says “You must be mistaken Young One.My friend here is the one that killed the Stag.” Looking over them with a straight face, my emotions disappearing in an instant. Sniffing the wind I notice the scents around us and nod to myself. “No Gentlemen the Stag is mine. The arrow in his heart proves it. Your arrow isn’t near anything vital.” The men look at each other and I notice “The Nose” slowly moving his hand to his sword. “I wouldn’t do that you two this is a very dangerous place to be right now and …” I started to say. Stepping to the side I dodge as the two men slash at me with their swords. ‘Barely a whistle’ I think to myself. Backing up I assess the men. Their slashes had been weak but they moved with good timing meaning that they have fought together before. Raising a finger I turn and set my bow against the kote tree behind me. Unbuckling my thigh quiver I think to myself ‘if they aren’t going to help it means they are taking bets.’ Turning around I draw my sword. The black metal, folded 500 times, shaped into a straight katana blade. I hear the sword hissing as it leaves my scabbard.The two men’s eyes widen as they take in the sword in front of them. I look at them the seriousness permeating the area around us “You two get a first from me. My sword hasn’t seen combat yet.” Grinning like an idiot,粗大的内捧猛烈进出视频 the man with the crooked nose, steps ahead. “Dibs on his sword.” The leader looks me over slowly. Standing at 1.85 meters in height I stood just a hair taller than both men. My clothes hid most of body hiding the muscles from hours of running and climbing. The hours of training with the Kaire, who were stronger than all but a few humans, also hidden. My waist length white hair was braided down my back. My black irises showing more of the deep red streaks through them an oddity that earns me looks from everyone.“Be careful Joebe, he looks like he might have had some training.” Then the man with the scar kneels to watch the fight. Looking up at Mota I notice he is judging the time “we have to be back soon so hurry this up.” He says to Joebe dryly.I steps forward and slip into a defensive stance. Joebe walks slowly toward me and starts his attack. Meeting his sword strike after strike I stay on the defensive gauging his strength, his range, and his skill. The ring of metal on metal was drifts throughout the forest as we exchange blows. I am sure those few wandering eyes are enjoying the show. Joebe’s sword finally slipped through my defense and cuts my shoulder. Stepping apart we look at each other. Joebe looks at the cut and says “Look boy, No disrespect but you’re not winning. In fact I see some blood I think you are losing. Why don’t you just give up and give me your sword and me and my friend will just disappear.”Looking at him I shake my head starting to smile as I feel the yearning inside me. “You are mistaken I am not losing I am learning.”Moving back to the tree I take off my overcoat and the heavy long shirt I wear exposing both the scars and the taut muscles across my arms and chest. Turning back around I move to resume the fight. Sparks start to fly from Joebe’s swords as my sword starts biting into his. Joebe’s eyes widen as the tables turn I press him back my strength out classing him easily. The strikes grow stronger and I see the terror growing in his eyes and it makes me smile more. I notice the damage done to his sword and swing hard. Blocking my blow his eyes go wide as his friend steps in pulling him away. I smile at the two as they step away. Joebe looks at his sword and sees it is now drastically shorter. My sword had shattered his in the last blow and if his friend hadn’t moved him Joebe would have been ‘shattered’ too. I look over them both Joebe is still in shock and his friend the leader is looking at me with a look in his eyes. A look that stokes the fires inside me. “Joebe go sit down and let me handle this now” Joebe nods and moves to sit down next to the stag. Touching his sword like it is going to fall apart, he looks to his friend and says “careful Trag that strength of his is different than he should have.” Trag nods and moves to circle me. I chuckle to myself feeling the darkness in me moving in its slumber. “Last chance to leave, pull the arrow renounce your claim and you can walk away.” I hear a scoff from the edge of the forest as two grey toms step from the forest. The taller of the two Lasret pa Gras turns to the other “Told you he would offer them mercy. Pay up.” Sage mo Liious growls and hands over 2 silver pieces “couldn’t just beat them bloody could you” Sage mutters.I shake my head becoming serious as the emotions flee. “It is not a weakness to show or give mercy. I remember two Kaire cubs who would be a lot more torn apart of I didn’t give them mercy.” I say looking over at them.In the second I look away I feel Trag as he rushes toward me. My blade meets his behind my back. And I turn around switching my grip on the sword as I kick out into his chest. Rolling twice he regains his feet and rushes me. The whistling of his sword reawakens the fire. I can tell he is good from his movements and strikes. Faster we meet as sparks become more frequent. I press him trying to find an opening. With a downward swing I see my opening and start to move only realizing too late that it was a cover as his left hand whips forward throwing a dagger which embeds itself in my right arm between my radius and ulna the pain causes my hand to loosen as he strikes my sword out of my hand and skittering toward the stag. The tip of his sword nicks my chest causing a small shallow cut. I roll back and look at my arm seeing the blood I black out. Chapter ThreeThe Ranting’sDeath betrayed us when he left us. Laughing at us as his final trick. The Gods won’t tell us where he went, like they don’t know. All the gods must see us as little playthings that they can just play with. Oh woe are we the toys of Gods.Unknown – 410 DD Opening my eyes I see light streaming in through my window and curse inwardly. ‘Mothers never going to let me hear the end of this.’ Then as if summoned by the thought itself my mother walks through my bedroom door. The stern look on her face let me know just how much trouble I was in. “Well Young Man, do you want to explain why you thought it was necessary to be fighting deep in Ithart Forest? I hear the two men whose stag you claimed were almost beaten to pulp. That Sage and Lasret had to pull you off of both of them after you attacked them. You are lucky they were there otherwise I would kill you myself for killing them.” Opening my mouth to explain my mother starts again not giving me a chance. “I have been told those two men aren’t going to the Viscount to see you brought to justice for trying to steal their kill and attacking them. I thought I raised you better than that.” I groan and look at her “I didn’t try and steal their kill they stole mine apparently. I shot that stag at 13 meters dead center. I watched it stagger for less than a meter before falling on its side. I climbed out of my tree and ran to get it and there they were. I didn’t know who they were at first but I got their names after they came after me and those two idiot toms are the reason I was out there and they probably let the bastards walk away with my sword too. Her eyes got wide “your new sword the one you hunted down the material for that took almost a year to find? That sword?” I nod and continue “did they bring my bow back?” my mother shakes her head and I start to growl sitting up slowly. She moves to stop me and I look at her and she stops.“Sage said that they had to practically rip you off of them that you went berserk after you saw your blood. They didn’t have time to grab anything before dragging you back here. The sheriff came by this morning with the news and was smug enough to say you shouldn’t come around anytime soon.” She says handing me my shirt.“Well they are going to see me soon and they will be giving me my stuff back or I will beat them again and those two toms won’t be able to stop me.” I say grabbing my pack and walking out the door.My mother walks to the door and says “Jair stop please don’t do this. Come back we will go to the viscount and tell him what happened.” I look at her and turn and hug her slowly. “You know as well as I do that the viscount is corrupt just like the sheriff and they won’t do anything. I promise I will come back. I love you.” Turning I walk away heading to Poitarn.Chapter FourExcerpt from the PastDeath is a debt we all must pay.Euripides – Pre-Extinction Human Era Earth Walking into Poitarn I notice the guards whispering behind their hands and one slipping away. Moving on I decided I need to take care of two idiots first. I look down at my arm noticing the new scar still red. Even after so many years it still surprise me how fast my body heals.A good night’s sleep and open wounds become scars. Taking a left down an alley I head to “the Den” on the west side of town. Otherwise known as the Kaire District to the Human population. Stepping up to the gates an old grizzled Kaire steps forward and looks me up and down “Why are you here cub? Many are wondering what is going on after what we heard yesterday.” The look on my face must have said much as he moves to let me pass. And I keep walking many Kaire step out as I approach the Primes Palace. I look over my shoulder as I feel the person walking with me. Rena ma Liious a gorgeous looking, Golden with a pink flair down her chest, Kaire looks at me as I keep moving. Coming to the palace I see the Prime, Ladiem ser Liious a pure black Kaire, standing outside with his council of elders. I move to stand before them and watch Rena take her place off to the side with her mother, Mon’ta Liy Liious the Matriarch of the clan, as the clan moves around us.“What brings you here Jair?” He says taking a stance of neutrality.“I have come looking for two certain idiot toms. So I can teach them a lesson on proper manners when reclaiming a fallen ally and his gear.” I growl “I heard that you got yourself into that mess and didn’t want their help. So explain to me why we should care.” He says looking at the two toms standing together quietly whispering to each other.“Is that what they told you? That I did this on my own? Boy their memories must be really short.” I growl “first off they told me they would talk to you about an important matter in my eyes. If I could bring down a 5 hand stag in the deep wood then to make matters worse they bet me I couldn’t do it alone and without any help. I had to track it, hunt, it and carve it myself. If I could do that part they would help me carry it back. So I went to the wood and found the stag shot it with one of my special arrows at 13 meters it staggered less than a meter and fell. Then I got in a fight with two poachers. Ask those two idiots where they were during the fight. Because from my perspective they had a great view from sitting next to my stag making wagers on the fight. “He turns fully to look at the two toms who are looking at anything but the prime. The prime looks over his shoulder at me and asks “And what were you going to ask of me when you got the stag?” I feel my face heat up as I look at Rena. “I was going to ask you to let me take the clan test so I could ask for Rena’s hand.”Rena’s eyes go wide and then narrow as she looks at Lasret. Her father looks at me and shakes his head sadly. “Can you tell me about the antlers on the stag?”Closing my eyes I think slowly replaying the entire encounter in my mind. Seeing the stag in my mind I say. “The right side with the antlers facing you the second branch farthest right had a broken off piece in the inside and a nick on the facing branch to it.”Opening my eyes I see that one of the elders are holding the antlers up for everyone to see. The Prime is looking at the antlers with a look that would kill on his face. He closes his eyes “And how can you prove you killed it?”I look at him and nod slowly “Summon my mother, I didn’t know you had the antlers, she can use her abilities to show the last moments of the stag.” Sage steps forward with a look of disgust on his face “Why would we call for the witch she is cursed Death follows her everywhere.” He looks over at his father and demands in a snide tone “why does he even get a voice he is not part of the clan and he has no voice. Two of the clan have given their voice in this matter. Send him away and let my new brother get back to his new mate.” As the words leave his mouth my head snaps over to look at Rena and the look on her face is sadness and anger combined. “Did he? Have you?” I ask in shock.She slowly lowers her eyes from mine. Looking ashamed of herself. The sleeping beast in me wakes. I stand and my back straightens my full stature shows in my clothes. I drop my cloak and bag. The whispers in my ears beg for release the hunger calling them. The all my muscle creak as the energy around me gets pulled into me feeding my muscles. The air around me rapidly drops in temperature. The fires die and burst back into life with blue fire. Man’ta is suddenly in front of me. I vaguely hear her begging me to forgive her children for their stupidity. I look down into her eyes and see my reflection the red strata in my eyes has grown and are brighter. I look back at the prime and see him looking on wide-eyed. I say I a dead calm voice “I, hereby issue a Duel Challenge to Lasret, betrayer of friends and clan. If he comes forward to fight I will hold my anger and he will live. If he doesn’t come forward I promise to come and get him and I will kill any in my way. I will await in the arena.”Grabbing my bag and cloak I take one last look at Rena then turn and walk out of the Den.


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