or guys for fun翁公和媛媛在厨房里猛烈进出

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or guys for fun翁公和媛媛在厨房里猛烈进出

It is only recently I have found this great site and written about some of our adventures, my wife and I have been swinging now for some 40 years,So before you think we’re old farts and don’t have sex any more, we’re not, I’m 5ft 9 and 80kgs, (170Lbs) with a cock that is 7 inch’s along the top, and fairly fat around the shaft, my wife is shorter at 5ft 4, and has a curvy body with 38 DD boobs shaved pussy mmmmmm and a tight little butt, guys still eye her up, So over the year we have done a lot with other couple’s and guys as well as kink, and it is great to have a forum like this to be able to tell others about our fun. We have often been told by the people we meet that we should write a book, but I’m ok at writing, but no good at fluffing up like professional writers. My wife gets me to put her experiences to paper for her, after telling me all about them while I play with her pussy to keep hergoing,, as she get’s horny remembering some of her fun too, When my wife went out to meet her boyfriend, or guys for fun, I normally went out to meet my girl friend, or guys for fun too, each telling the other about the evenings fun when we got home, on some occasions I would drive to the motel, where Sue had met her guys and we would sleep in the room over night, seeing as it was paid for any way, On such a night, she had been with one of her regular friends, she loved meeting him as she never knew what he would get up to, most times just 1 on 1 with her, but some time’s he would organise a group fuck for her,the night she called me to join her, was after a group night, most guys had left, she was still having fun with a few when I got there, joining in with them fucking my well used wife and enjoying seeing her fully satisfied and cum soaked too, We dp her and some time later they left and we played some more, Sue telling me all about her nights fun.It seemed as always that John her regular friend, had set up a few guys to join them, and as always Sue had taken care of them all, so she had been fucked by some 7 or 8 guys, and it showed, My cock is hard as her mouth works on me, but I have to go down and lick her pussy and arse, cleaning up the cum in her, while she tells me what happened.When she got here, she knew it was going to be a group night, because she saw the guys as she entered the room, nothing novel about that, but it was the events that followed that differed.She had arrived and was greeted at the door and blindfolded, then they stripped her, and led her to a frame, tied her hands spread her legs and tied them, and then John said “go for it boys”, as cock after cock pocked and prodded her body, filling her pussy and then her butt, she said it was weird, as they could move her on it too, fucking her in different ways, and she loved it soon orgasming as they continued to play. Well I just had to fuck her again, my cock filling her butt quickly, right down to my balls, as I worked her to more orgasms, I asked what was the best part of the night, she said being totally at their mercy, restrained and not being able to do any thing. I blew another wad of cum deep in her, and then we slept the night in one another’s arms.The next morning, we drove home, after another quick fuck to relieve my balls, we lay talking about the night before, she said, that I should try it one day if I get the chance, she knows I’m kinky too,I told her to find out which guy had the frame and see if we could organise a night at our place to, might take awhile, but could be fun. And as time went on, I forgot about it. Well she met John many times again, as well as other guys, and he put on a few more group fucks for her too, and then some year later she came home, gleaming, saying, when did you want tying up. My eyes lit up as she gave me a guy’s number, who owned the frame.We fucked for ages her telling me all about her night’s events. Seeing as it was near 2 am when she got home, I asked, any idea how many, she said not a clue, but they all had fun and so did she, They all used her many times over, much like before, and John had made sure a few well hung guys put her to good use too, she said her pussy took 2 cocks together, but the third trying for her butt couldn't get in, One guy was as kinky as me often eating her out taking the fresh cum from her pussy or butt, and kissing her mouth, Early the next day I rang the number and set up a night.Friday night around 6.30 Rob turned up, with his frame, and we set it up in our lounge room, making sure we had room to play, at 7 most of the other guys turned up, most we knew and had been with us both, as well as a few new guys, friends of friends, well it didn’t take long seeing as Rob had already tied Sue to the frame and we were fucking her when the others got here, I enjoyed seeing her taking guys as always, and also to some extent the frustration of seeing her not being able to do any thing back to them, other then take what she was given, and where, I had made sure the frame was on a wooden floor as cum soon started to run from her body, We all fucked her for a couple of hours, and she was more than happy to step of, and allow some of us to dp her for some time. Then she looked at Rob saying right, set it up for Dave, he looked, not knowing fully what to expect, as they tied me into the frame, it certainly wasn’t the most comfortable of gadgets I’d ever been in, but like Sue I was blindfolded to, and hands and cocks soon began to prod my body, I’m sure it was Frank who fucked me first, a cock going right in, but with what I thought was a familiar bend in it, as his pace picked up, I to began to have anal cum’s, another mouth on my cock, got me over the top, then more and more guys used me, I could also hear Sue having fun with guys fucking her, I had been fucked by 4 or 5 guys when I heard a hushedvoice, then I knew, Sue had got our strap on out, as my arse was opened up with our 10 inch vibe, she fucked me hard, guys watching, some face fucking me too, as my anal cum’s kept coming, then she stopped, I knew what she was doing, or hoped, as my but felt our big 12 inch dildo being to go in, she gave me a few seconds, then pushed hard, making me yell some, but I gaggedon the cock in my mouth, the 12 inch going in fully now sent me wild.Normally I can pull away from Sue when she fucks me with this one,久久精品无码一区二区小草 but here I was at her mercy now, and she was in pay back mood, slamming into me as hard as, after 2 or 3 anal cum’s with the big one I have to stop, but I couldn’t, she pounded me relentlessly, my cock dribbling cum, my arse on fire, but in a strange way my mind was loving it, The mouth on my cock was being filled with cum, not a cock cum, but so much feeling from my anal cum’s makes my cock leak lots of pre cum,then she slammed me harder still, I was trying to say stop, but my mouth was full of man meat, twice now the cocks had filled my mouth too, then I went wild, anal cum after anal cum, seemed to flow quickly through my body, all my nerve endings tingled, my cock sprang up, I nearly bite the cock in my mouth in two, as the biggest anal cum ever shot through me, It was fantastic, I shook squirmed and cum heaps, pretty sure I blacked out to, as I lost control, When I realised, my arse was empty, I started to take stock of what was happening, Sue giving me a huge hug, as some one blew a hot load in my mouth, She kissed me sharing his cum holding me showing her concern, but knowing I was alright. but also full lust, as she saw I was ok, another cock sank deep inside me and soon flooded me with hot cum, I knew nothing of who was doing what as again guys took my body, then again just after taking another hot load, I felt a hand playing with my cum soaked butt, as Sue began to fist me, I would have said no, but by now I didn’t care, my mind was in over drive, every thing I felt came from my arse, then in she went, full on, past her wrist, she again took great fun in knowing I couldn’t back away, pushing in further, working my butt like she does , so my anal cum’s go wild, she had fisted me a few days before, and now and then she can get just about right up to her elbow in me, well because I was still loose from the previous fisting, she pushed hard,and did manage to fist me a fair way in,I heard her gasp, as my butt went wild, some of the guys also were talking, saying no way, cant be possible, and so on, my cock shooting another load of cum in some guys mouth, I also got a face full of cum, from one if not two guys when this happened too.When I could speak I asked Sue how far, she didn’t answer at first, just played some more inside me, then she said, do you really want to know, I shoot my head,the reply was what I thought,“to the elbow”, oh wow, the first time ever, and then she moved I could feel her hand pull inside, as another feeling took over, a cock was being pushed in to,bloody hell, I had done this before, but not with her arm so far in, normally we get her wrist near the opening then slip the cock in, this time the guy wanted in, I let my mind go, his cock went in, as they began to work together, I could feel Sue grip his cock inside me, I knew then it was probably Frank again, as they have done this to me before, both fucked my butt,“Frank going wild his cock pounding me, I’m sure he was going for his next cum, and not to long after he did, the heat hit up inside me, Sue played in his cum rubbing her fingers around in me, again I let fly what cum I had in my cock, as another anal cum rocked me hard. They let me down, holding me while my legs wobbled, Sue eating the cum running out of my butt, as I sat on her face, another guy fucked her pussy as we played, it was great, I had never been fucked like that, the feeling, kind of scared, the kinkiness of it all was so much to take in, as Sue soon took control and 3 guys for a turn, as my are once more felt a cock, sink inside,.The night went on for a few more hours, before Rob took his frame home, promising to come back again, even thought it turns out he is not bi, he loved seeing the guy on guy action, a few of us took turns eating Sue, some fucking us both, but only to relax their cocks before heading home, mine just didn’t want to go down at all tonight, as we both shared the last cum between us and said our good byes to the guys. It was one of those nights that make swinging worth while, we both lay exhausted but wanting more, my cock poking into Sues pussy and slowly working myself up, but there was no more cum, I was dry, Sue was still horny so I went down eating her pussy once more, the fresh cum still running out of her, I gave her several more orgasms, before she gave in,.She said, fucking me like that, and me not being able to move away was so hot, she had always wanted to push me further, but I always moved, so tonight she didn’t give in, knowing of course that should I be hurt or really in pain I could have told her, I gave her one almighty hug and said, That was great I have never been fucked any where near as good as you did tonight, and lets hope I can hold on next time so you can do it to me more often, she smiled saying “Yes” she would like that” as we slipped into sleep


“故事是非线性的,所以你可以选择如何书写属于你自己的故事翁公和媛媛在厨房里猛烈进出,在这个共享的开放世界中,你可以选择探索也可以推动剧情发展。”Rod Fergusson说。

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