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Hey guys! I just wanted to warn you before reading this that this is the very first story I wrote here on xnxx and about sex in general, so it might not be very good.Also, I haven't written a story in more than three years so my writing might be a little rusty ( maybe a lot but who knows what will happen? In addition to this, I am writing on my Ipad so there will/ might be spelling and grammar mistakes. Finally, I am a 16 year old virgin and my only experience is watching a bunch of rape, slavery, bdsm, and other porn videos and reading other stories people wrote here.Thanks for reading and please rate!***********************IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE AT THE END, PLEASE READ***********----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm officially convinced my parents hate me. I came to this conclusion when they told me we would be spending the whole summer at my family's cabin. Now, that wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't the whole summer and with my family! You must be wondering why I'm making a huge fuss over this? Well that is because my family is fucking crazy! Not the regular crazy everyone blames their families to be, no. It the bat shit crazy kind, you know, getting stone drunk almost everyday, teaching their 10 year old kids about sex and using themselves as demonstration (yes I've been there myself), making lots of bets and crazy dares if you lose (one time my uncle walked naked in a very fancy and expensive restaurant), and many other things I would not like to get into.But on the bright side of this all, we are staying on a beach house! I'm definitely excited for that!Our car drive was five hours, give or take an hour for car stops. I spent the majority of time bickering with my sister Rose and listening to music. Once we arrived my parents stormed out of the car, me on the other hand spent a minute chanting over and over again in my head that I can do this, before stepping out of the car."Lilly darling I've missed you so much dear! Come and give your aunt Monica a hug and kiss!" She hurried. And so I did, and let me tell you something, not the best decision I've made, smothering me with sloppy kisses. After she pulled apart, she exclaimed " you have grown so much. Becoming more beautiful by the minute!" After I finished greeting all of my relatives, my cousin Eleanor showed me to my room. " Thank you El. Tell them I'll go down after I finish unpacking" "Okay sure" she replied and went downstairs. Half an hour later I hear a knock on my door. "Come in" I said. Two tall, shirtless, and well built guys came in. One of them I recognized as Parker, brown, messy hair and sparkling emerald orbs. He is 6'2 and was wearing swimming trunks that showed off his delicious six pack and 'V' line. The other boy looked the complete opposite, black hair styled in a quiff and striking grey eyes. He was also tall, standing at 6 feet and a similar, lick-worthy body. "Hey Parker, his friend" I nodded toward his direction and continued "do you need anything?" I asked, worry but also curiosity laced my tone. "Yeah actually, we wanted to ask you if you wanted to come swimming with us." Parker informed. I thought about it and thought, are the adults going to be their? As if Parker read my mind, "Don't worry, our parents, or any adults will not be there. They all went to a strip club, or a bar, not sure which one, I didn't want to know." "Already? Sheesh, they don't waste time do they? And okay sure, I'll go swimming with you guys, just let me change into my bikini" I say and they start to leave, but before they do " Wait! What's your name?" I ask Parker's friend. "Dylan" he answered, before he walked away.We ended up playing, splashing, and swimming in the pool for more than 6 hours, we were all dehydrated and too tired to do anything else. I got up and asked "I'm going to get water, who wants some?" They all raised their hands. I nodded and was about to go get them until Parker offered to go get them. He came back with water and everyone jumped at him, by the time I went to get water from him, he was holding a cup. "Sorry Lilly, no water bottles were left so I filled you a cup." He apologized. "No problem" I said. I looked in the cup and saw it wasn't clear, it was cloudy but then shrugged. It was probably the minerals in the water. After that, everyone went to their rooms, the kids under 12 already sleeping at 9 o'clock, which is basically everyone except Parker, Dylan, Eleanor and me. Eleanor is 17, I'm 19, and Parker and Dylan are 20. At midnight, all the adults came home, drunk, like I suspected. Wobbling through the door, their slurring words "demanding" us to go to sleep. At 2 o'clock in the morning, I heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I whispered. "Parker" "come in". He came in and locked the door."Hey, sorry I couldn't sleep. I tried knocking at Dylan's door but he is already sleeping, so I knocked at your door to see if you're awake and here I am" he explained. "So I'm your rebound" I faked feeling sad, my eyes darted down, blurring my vision a bit. "N-no, you're not it's just -" "Hahaha!" I started laughing, "You should have seen your face!" I continued laughter, he pouted and crossed his arms, " That wasn'tfunny!" He remained silent, until my laughter died down. "So.." I quieted as his hand trailed down my thigh. "So.." He repeated, I removed his hand from my thigh. After a blur of movements, I found myself pinned to the bed, with a cloth in my mouth, and parker on top of me. I squirmed and kicked all over, I even tried screaming with the cloth in my mouth, but every time I did, he would slap me. One piece at a time, clothes were taken off. First he removed my shirt, cupping my breast with my bra, kissing the soft skin running uncovered by the bra. He tried unbuckling my bra straps, but he kept on fumbling with it, and trying to keep me still. So he got up and got 4 of my shirts and started tying me to the bed from my arms and feet. Then he took his knife from his pocket and ripped all of my clothes off. He then took off his clothes and crawled back on the bed."Please stop! I'm a virgin" I saw some sort of emotion flicker in his eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it came. It was gone before I could comprehend what emotions he was/is feeling, his expression was blank, his eyes held no emotion. "I don't care" he muttered as he plays with my breast, is mouth sucking on one nipple and the other nipple his hand was squeezing. When I was ten, my parents had sex in front of me when I asked them how babies were made, as a result my baby sister was born. I was scared for life. But in high school I learned about sex and vowed I will never lose my virginity until I'm ready and married to the man I love. I swore never to put my child through anything I went through . But now I was going to lose my virginity to my cousin ( which is worse than a stranger rapping me ) and there was nothing I can do about it. After Parker was done molesting my breasts, he trailed kisses down my stomach and to my vagina. I shivered in disgust as he started to lock and suck on my....... lower region. I screamed and thrashed around even more, but no avail. Then I feel his finger in my vagina,秋霞网 pushing in and out, up and down. Soon he was pumping four fingers in me and it hurt so much I started crying. I didn't want to give him the satisfacton of seeing me cry, so I held it in with all my might. Suddenly I start to feel a funny feeling in my stomach, I try to recall what we took in school, and if i remeber correctly, I might ejaculate at any given moment. So I buck my hips and squirm around even more. Parker seems to notice what is happening and starts to plung is fingers in even deeper and harder, and soon enough I ejaculated. "So it takes you half an hour to orgasm, we'll need to work on that later" he muttered quietly to himself. "Orgasm, what is an orgasm?" I thought. I would ask him if I wasn't gagged with a cloth. He got up from his layig position, holding his penis in his hand, came closer to my face. "I want you to suck my dick" he commanded. My eyes widened in shock, suck his penis? We never took that in school! Then, if possible, my eyes widened as I took in the size of...... Parker Jr. He was, if my calculations are correct, 12 inches long, and the width is as wide as my wrist. How is that going to fit in my arm, let alone my ........In a flash Parker Jr was in my mouth. Spit accumulated in my mouth, trying to fit hime in my mouth while breathing at the same time. I refused to "suck him" as he put it. But also, I wasn't quite sure how you suck it, I've never really done this before. So I just stayed still.I felt a stinging pain on my cheek, caused by Parker's slap. "I said suck me" he growled, to make things more dramatic, he slapped me harder on the opposite cheek."I-I don't know how" I would have said, but I remember I'm being rapped, so I shook my head in response. Surprise, surprise, he slapped me again, "Suck me, or you will regret it" he threatened. To be honest I'm scared out of my mind, so I obeyed to get on his good side, hoping he would be gentle with me.I licked up his shaft once, twice, then I blew on the part I licked. He moaned in response, indicating he licked it. So I repeated the process a couple of times. Then I covered his length, which was approximately 5 inches, in my mouth licking, sucking, and twirling him in my mouth. Then I gently grazed up his penis with my teeth, which caused him to moan even louder. Lucky for him the walls were sound proof. I looked up at him with my baby blue eyes to see if I was doing things right, his head was leaned back, and his eyes were closed. As I was working on his shaft, I felt him remove my blonde hair from my face, he grasped a handful of my hair and pulled, causing me to moan. Crap, that wasn't supposed to happen. From the corner of my eye I saw him smirk, but I busied myself with his penis. When I almost had 7 inches of him in my mouth, he yanked a fistful of my hair in his hand and thrusted his pelvis deeper into my mouth. On instinct, I gaged and pulled my head backwards, but he pulled me forward. After a minute or two I came to realization, he was trying to force the whole 12 inches of his penis in my mouth. Only allowing me once or twice to breathe.After he accomplished his goal, I felt a blast of gooey, bitter, warm, liquid attack my mouth. I pull back surprised, but he pulls me forward again telling me to swallow. I did as I was told, then I was commanded to lick him clean. Uh oh......... It was not time for what I think it was......My thoughts were confirmed when his pelvis got closer to mine."Please don't let Parker Jr enter my lower region" I begged. And to my bewilderment, he laughed. "W-why are you laughing? I asked, astonished. "Lilly say cock" Parker said. What? "No" "Say cock" he slapped my face. "C-cock" I turned my head, looking away shamefully at the word I just said. "Again" "Cock" I said, more stable this time. "Good girl" Then the moment came, Parker entered me and I let an ear shattering scream. And thats when I finally let of my tears out. I sobbed as parker thrusted in and out of my vagina. It was so, terribly painful that I dug my nails in my skin drawing blood. The same applied to my chapped lips, but I still bit it as hard as I can. I was surprised when Parker kept a slow pace, which was till painful because of his size, but was still trying to fit his whole thick penis into me.After an hour, he managed to fit his whole penis in me. I felt his penis quiver and knew what that meant. "Please don't ejaculate in me, I'm not on birth control and your not wearing a condom. I'm too young to have a baby!" I screamed in panic about what was going to happen. "Yes you are. I put crushed birth control pills in your water" he informed. That is why my water was cloudy and not clear. Finally, he released his sperm in my vagina. I felt the warm sperm in my vagina, shivering in disgust at the feeling. He untied my hands and feet, put on his clothes and left.I was in so much pain, my hands and feet feel numb for the loss of blood circulation that was cut off from my shirts, my back and lower region were aching terribly, a headache was forming, and bruises forming on my cheeks. But yet I lay there stiff of the bed, naked, dirty, and in pain.But the pain I'm feeling emotionally hurts 10 times more, because he took the one thing I could never get back.END OF CHAPTER ONE ************************IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE**********************************************To start off, thank you for reading my story and finishing it, I would be grateful if you comment, fore it will also be helpful. Secondly, I know this chapter might be bad, but the other chapters will be better, I promise. Thirdly, I am planning to write this story in Parkers point of view too, so you will be able to witness both of their feelings and responses to everything. Fourth of all, I will be post this story on wattpad and quotev ( both reading sites ) but with a different name. I do not know when but when I do I promise to inform you. Last but not least a shout out to one of my favorite stories on xnxx which is" Revenge" written by "masterKDean2014"


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