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an office chair美女脱精光隐私扒开免费观看野外

If Tegan hoped her brief absence would not be noted, she was sorely disappointed. As she walked into the communal women’s showers where the other ladies were already rinsing and beginning to lather up, Madison called out.“Where have yoooou been?”Tegan bent her head in embarrassment as she headed for one of the free showers and turned on the water, which thankfully came out steady and hot immediately, enabling her to start rinsing herself off. Nearest to her Kuniko handed her a bottle of shower gel and squirted some into her hand which she quickly used to lather up and smear across her wet skin. After rallying from the initial embarrassment, she looked over and Madison with a coy smile.“Yeah, get it girl.” Madison laughed. Jennifer looked slightly disapproving but said nothing. “Stan is a fucking tool, but that goes for his body as well as his personality. He can scratch an itch, that’s for sure.” Madison continued.“I have to admit, that boy can fuck.” Kuniko reluctantly concurred. “And I don’t fuck guys.”“You’re gay?” Tracey queried, with a hint of surprise.“Straight for pay. I’m not like, militantly scared of cock. I just wouldn’t date a guy.” Kuniko scrubbed her face with her hands before rinsing it under the water. She spat out a mouthful of water and turned back to Tracey. “But twenty dollars is twenty dollars and Stan is basically a dildo with a pulse.“I guess I’m the only one here who doesn’t go for girls.” Tracey said reflectively. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”Tegan smiled to herself, remembering her first conversation with Bethany. Though she was just glad the focus was off her post-show hookup with Stan.“So, you guys do this like full time?” Jennifer asked.“Side gig for me and Koko.” Madison answered for her and Kuniko.“Are you guys together?” Jennifer asked.“Oh, no, but we work together during the day too.”“As what?”“Massage therapists.” Kuniko answered.“What kind?”“The qualified therapeutic remedial kind.” Madison said. “Not the happy ending kind.”“Is it weird doing this with a co-worker?”“Nah.” Madison shrugged. “We were buddies in school. Shit, we do everything together don’t we. Are you sure we’re not a couple, Koko? Maybe we oughta get married.”“Not until you’re willing to give up cock.” Kuniko retorted with a tone of mock bitchiness.Madison blew a raspberry and thumbs-downed that suggestion.“What about you Jennifer, what do you do?” Kuniko asked.“Student. I’m at college. CS Major.”“Nice. You’re going to program the robots that replace us all.”“That’s the dream.” Jennifer said, turning off the water and taking a towel from a bench to start drying herself off.“What about you Tegan?” Kuniko said, also finishing up her shower.“I’m sort of between jobs.”“Skills to pay the bills, though.” Madison said shooting finger-guns at Tegan before turning off the water.“Yeah, something like that.” Tegan responded ambiguously.“Tracey?”“Oh, I’m a lawyer.”There was an awkward silence.“Seriously?” Kuniko asked.“Yeah.” Tracey said, finishing her shower and walking over to pick up a towel. Tegan also finished her shower, wrapping a towel around her. All the women looked uncertainly at each other, realising the implications of the possibly grey legal area acts they’d just performed. Tracey slowly seemed to realise the effect her answer had had on the room.“You can relax. This isn’t some stealth bust.” Tracey wrapped a towel around herself. “Law enforcement don’t typically let operatives actually get naked and fuck in the course of an investigation. It would one hundred percent torpedo my career if anyone found out I was here. Besides, I work in civil matters, not criminal.”“Don’t lawyers make bank?” Jennifer asks. “Why are you here?”“Because I like getting fucked by strangers in front of a crowd. The money is just a bonus.”“Wow.” Jennifer said, letting that sink in. “I don’t even know how to respond to that.”With dramatically convenient timing, Karen walked into the room.“Jennifer, Tegan, if you could join me in the office when you’re dressed?”She left, just as abruptly. Tegan and Jennifer exchanged a look for a moment then at the others.“Are we in trouble?” The room that served as an office was cosy, with just enough room for the desk, an office chair, and a couple of straight-backed chairs opposite. There was a years-old calendar on the wall that didn’t make it past March before the person who hung it had stopped bothering to update it. Tegan squeezed through to sit in the chair furthest from the door, wearing her dress. Jennifer was wearing jeans and a light hoodie over a shredded band t-shirt. Having seen her getting dressed Tegan know she didn’t have a bra on. While that wasn’t really important right now, it was something she was aware of.Karen had her tablet standing in its cover and was reviewing it as they entered and waited for them to sit before smiling warmly. Tegan hated to judge a person by their appearance alone as Karen had been nothing but professional and kind so far, but on her severe, angular face, the smile was unsettlingly predatory.“Thank you, ladies. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve asked you here.”Both girls nodded.“You’re both first timers, correct?”Tegan and Jennifer exchanged a glance and both nodded again.“Your little show was quite well received by the guests.”Tegan let out a sigh of relief, strangely glad she wasn’t about to get in trouble, though it’s not as though this was an actual job that mattered to her.“I was just doing what I thought I was supposed to.” Jennifer said. “I mean it wasn’t exactly our idea.”“No, but you still performed it admirably.” Karen said, gesturing at her iPad “and I almost immediately received a private booking request.”“From the two guys?”“No, though I can see how you’d assume so. It was one of the couples, or rather the male. I am not sure of his partner’s involvement.”“What would he want us to do?” Tegan queried.“I don’t have all of the details yet, just an enquiry of availability which I will refer up to Simon for approval. It would be reasonable to assume a girl-girl performance of some variety, since they specifically asked for the both of you.”“I’m open to it, once we have more details.” Tegan said after a moment’s consideration.“Me too. But no sex.” Jennifer said, tucking a loose strand of her behind her ear. “I promised my boyfriend I’d do oral only.” She said to Tegan by way of explanation.“Your limits are noted, of course.” Karen acknowledged “But I understand that refers to sexual intercourse with a man,for the purpose of moving forward with the booking I presume toys are acceptable?”“Oh, yeah, I guess.”“Very well, then myself or Simon will contact you with more information when we have it.” By the time their brief meeting with Karen was over the others had dressed and left. As they exited the house after collecting their bags, Jennifer lit a cigarette. She saw Tegan looking at her and offered her one, which she accepted, taking a gentle drag. It had been a few years since she last partook of the occasional social smoke and didn’t want to cough like an idiot in front of her new acquaintance.“So, that was a hell of a night.” Tegan offered after a careful exhale.“Yeah, it was… something.”“Ever done anything like that before?”“Not… exactly.” Jennifer took a long drag. “I mean I’ve partied. I’ve been around. You?”“I’ve had some… experiences. Most of them quite recently.” Tegan took a thoughtful drag.“I’m a virgin.”Tegan choked on her lungful of smoke and pounded on her chest with her fist, forcing herself to take several deep breaths. Jennifer sympathetically rubbed her back.“You what?”“I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m a virgin. That’s why I’m oral only.”“So, you’ve never…?”“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been blowing dudes since I was like, fourteen, and I fucking love it. Couple of girls too, y’know how college life is.” Jennifer took another drag and so did Tegan, her lungs still burning from her coughing fit. “But I never went all the way.”“If you don’t mind me asking… why?”“I don’t mind. And I just don’t want to. I dunno. I blow a guy it’s like, whatever, he gets off. But letting him inside me… I feel like he thinks he gets a piece of you. I guess I don’t want to give that away. Maybe that’s stupid.”“You know what, you do you. No judgment.”“Thanks.” Jennifer bounced anxiously on the balls of her feet. “So uh, that’s a secret. Ok? I feel like it might create problems if other people find that out.”“Sure. Absolutely.” Tegan nodded.She took another drag and they stood together in silence near their cars as they silently finished their cigarettes.“So, uh…” Jennifer stuck her hand out awkwardly “It was real nice working with you, and I look forward to seeing you next time.”“Likewise.” Tegan took Jennifer’s hand and shook it. ----- The next morning Tegan woke to a text from Simon asking if they could meet and after a brief exchange of texts they agreed to meet at a café not far from Simon’s shop. Apparently Jennifer was going to be there too, which Tegan took to mean that he wanted to discuss the booking request in person rather than via text.Tegan parked down the street from Simon’s shop and headed towards it. Simon was standing outside it leaning against the doorway. He greeted her with a broad smile and arms open which she took as an invitation to a friendly hug.“Hey Tegan, let’s just grab a coffee. You hungry?”“I’m fine. Where’s Jennifer?”“She should be here soon.”They walked to a café a few shops down from Simon’s and took out a chair at one of the outside tables, inviting Tegan to sit then sat across from her.“So how was the party?”“I had a really interesting time.” Tegan said thoughtfully. “Not exactly what I expected but certainly interesting.”“They liked you.” Simon said, waggling his finger at her as if she has somehow tricked him. He turned to the waitress as she stopped by their table and dropped off a bottle of water for them to share. “Large mocha.”“Skinny vanilla latte.” Tegan said. The waitress left. “Karen said there was a booking request.”“There is.” Simon said, distractedly pouring them each a glass of water from the chilled bottle. “It’s a little unusual.”“Coming from you, that’s kind of ominous.”Presently Jennifer rounded the corner and Tegan gave her a polite wave, flagging her down so she came to join, taking the other set across from Simon and next to Tegan.“I was just telling Teeg how popular you were at last night’s party.”“Um, thanks.” Jennifer looked around. “Is it cool to talk about this out here?”“No one’s listening.” Simon assured her.“Simon was just getting to the part about our next booking.” Tegan said as the waitress returned with their coffees.“Large caramel frappe, all the whipped cream.” Jennifer said, then waited for the waitress to leave again. “So, what’s the story?”“Here it is: one of the guys wants to adopt you.”Jennifer and Tegan both made faces that indicated whatever Simon just said, they weren’t understanding it.“Ok, not adopt literally. I mean he wants to be like a sugar daddy, but more than that.”“Can you elaborate a little bit on that?” Tegan asked.“He wants to book you both, for a long weekend. Take you somewhere nice out of town, like a resort. Take you shopping. Pamper you. Act like you’re his loving, caring daughters.”“And then fuck us?”“Yes. Well, maybe.”“You know I’m oral only.” Jennifer said.“Yes, and that’s fine.” Simon assured her. “He’s more interested in watching you together. Try on outfits. Play in the pool. Fool around. Call him daddy.”“Honestly this sounds pretty cruisey.” Jennifer said “You kinda made it sound like there was a catch.”“I’m guessing he’d like us to pretend to be younger than we are.” Tegan suggested.“That would be one element of it, yeah.” Simon nodded. “If you guys are open to it, I’d be happy to flesh out some more of the details and come back to you. But it would be a long weekend, three maybe even four nights.”“I have no issue with that, just let me know a little in advance so I can plan around it.”“Hell, I’m on break until the next semester so make it a week.” Jennifer said. “As long as he’s paying.”“Alright.” Simon flashed a big grin. “Then I’ll lock it in.” He raised his coffee in a toast and they clinked their cups together. ----- That evening the group gathered for dinner: Tegan, Yeong, Brandon, Sam and Angus,秋霞网 enjoying Tegan’s effort at a simple roast lamb and vegetables. Each of them a couple of drinks in as Tegan cleared away the dishes to deal with later and brought back fresh drinks. It seemed to suit the mood to have a drink accompanying dinner so there was an almost finished bottle of wine on the table that had been split between her, Yeong and Brandon, while Sam had knocked back a couple of beers and Angus was on his third glass of scotch which he drank neat in a curvy glass that he said improved the aroma. To Tegan it smelled like burnt rubber and tasted of band-aids. After returning to the table with an extra bottle of wine and a beer for Sam she gently addressed the subject of her upcoming trip.“So I have a thing coming up that I will need to be out of town for.” She started ambiguously.“Oh, what’s tha’?”“Just a personal trip. But I will be away for about four days, over a weekend.” She emptied the last of the open bottle of wine into her glass and took a sip. “I’ll make sure I pay my share of the bills for the time I’m away.” Hoping to satisfy any followup questions from Angus and Sam, not wanting to get into the details of her arrangement, though it seemed that the financial aspect was furthest from Angus’ mind.“Well yeh’ll have to make sure our balls are proper drained before yeh go.” Angus drawled, swirling his glass. In the corner of her eye she saw Brandon fidget anxiously.“Does he always talk like that about your relationship?” Yeong said with a note of concern.“Sex is our relationship.” Tegan said with a sigh. “You get used to his…”“Brutishness?”“…directness. Eventually.”“She likes it.” Angus said, leaning over and caressing Tegan’s cheek then gently squeezing her chin before releasing her and sipping his whiskey. “Tegan is a sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent girl. But in the bedroom, that’s where ah make her feel like a real woman.”Tegan sipped her wine, fixing Angus with a baleful glare, but didn’t deny it. She didn’t appreciate him trying to embarrass her in front of their houseguest but at the same time all she wanted him to pin her down and fuck her hard. It was infuriating how he continued to have that effect on her.“We have company.” Tegan said eventually, pointedly. Angus didn’t need the reminder, but she did feel like an objection should be recorded.“Oh I…” Yeong stammered “It’s not my way but I don’t mean to judge.”“It is an unconventional arrangement.” Tegan said, turning to Yeong. “I’m sorry if Angus made things uncomfortable.”“He didn’t. Honestly, as much as he might have tried.”They both laughed at that and Angus harrumphed to himself as he nursed his scotch.“I’m just happy that things are going so well between you and Brandon.”“Hey I’m right here.” Brandon objected.“Good point. Girl talk time!” Tegan took up the open wine bottle and her glass in one hand and Yeong by the wrist in the other and led her into the kitchen closing over the sliding door, and led them to the table where they could set down their wine glasses. She could hear Sam assuring Brandon that he didn’t need to follow and to just relax. She assumed Angus and Sam would try to wheedle more details of his new sex life out of him and felt slightly bad for leaving him behind, but she wanted to get to know Yeong better.“So, things are going well, I hope?”“Yes.” Yeong said simply, fidgeting with her wine glass and taking a sip.“I really am glad. I just wanted to clear the air between us.”“Clear the air?”“Well not to harp on about it, but I hope you aren’t uncomfortable about me and Brandon still living together. After everything.”“You’ve both been very honest with me. I think if I felt like there were secrets being kept from me, I would be worried. But I’m not. And I’d like us to be friends.”“That’s great, Brandon is a friend and I want anyone he cares about to be a friend too.”There was a brief pause as they both drank.“To be honest, Brandon told me some more details.”“Oh, what’s that?” Tegan said, feeling her stomach turn over.“He told me that sometimes the relations were not strictly one on one.”“Ah.” Tegan acknowledged carefully, trying to assess Yeong’s feeling about this. “Yes. That was sometimes the case.”“You described it as polyamory but that’s not exactly the word I would use.”“Well, in the interests of full disclosure, no. To put it completely bluntly, I became the house slut.” Tegan sighed.“Why?” Yeong asked. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry.”“I don’t mind telling you, especially because I want us to be friends. You might as well know the whole story.”Tegan relayed every detail – her inexperience, her lousy relationships, her growing need to explore her sexuality, and her decision to quit her job and live in the house as a live in love slave. She left out a few incidents that fell outside the scope of the agreement that Brandon was likely unaware of: the glory holes, the poker night, the swingers party. But otherwise she was open about the threesomes and foursomes, the gang bangs, even the occasional seasoning of her food with a little man sauce. At times Yeong seemed equal parts fascinated and horrified, but Tegan held nothing back hoping that any judgments or concerns would only have a backlash on her, and not Brandon. Eventually she concluded the long story.“…and here we are.”Yeong was silent while she let it sink in.“Brandon was involved in… all that?”“A little bit. I think he let the other guys push him into it. Just went with the flow. Mostly he preferred to go at his own pace. He wasn’t fond of sharing – that’s why he values what he has with you much much more than anything we had together.”“It feels like you’re working hard to defend him.”“Maybe, but it’s all true.” Tegan rested her hand on Yeong’s. “I hope this doesn’t make you think less of him.”“Actually, it makes me feel better. It helps me understand that what you had was not… personal. Even though it was intimate.” She smiled, finishing her glass of wine.“I also hope we can still be friends. I’m sure your view of me is probably pretty low.”“I will admit, you’ve done things I could not do. But in a way, I am envious of how freeing it must be to be able to act so shamelessly.” She clapped her hand over her mouth, looking apologetic. “I’m sorry, that must have sounded so awful.”“I think I understand what you meant. No offence taken.”A loud laugh went up in the other room.“I wonder what that was about?” Yeong pondered aloud.“Boy talk probably. We can leave them to it awhile longer.” ----- In the other room Brandon watched Yeong and Tegan leaved and buried his head in his hands.“What’s up lad?” Angus queried.“Two only two women I’ve been with just went off to have a private talk.”“Ah, donnae worry about it. Have another drink.”“Look all they’re going to do is have a deeply personal conversation about their one mutual interest – you – and compare notes.” Sam said cheerfully.“Jesus Christ.” Brandon moaned.“On the upside, yeh can tell us all about yeh new girl. Yeh’ve been pretty active the last couple o’ weeks.”“That’s my business. I’m not going to share any of that.”“Ah go on. I’ll tell yeh some o’ my war stories.”“I don’t want to know!”“Yehs no fun.” Angus said, swirling his Glencairn glass.“It’s not about ‘fun’, it’s about trust.”“Yeh quite sweet on this girl ain’t yeh?”“She’s sweet, and funny, and interesting.”“Ah, young love.”“Don’t let old man Angus cheapen your relationship.” Sam cut across Angus’ mocking tone. “We know she’s important. He’s just being a dickhole.”“What? Young love is cheap. Yeh’ll always remember yeh first but it won’t have staying power. Yeh’ll grow up and move on and become different people. Just enjoy what yeh have now.”“Don’t talk about Yeong like that.” Brandon said sharply.“Ah’m nae talking about Yeong, ah’m talking about young people. Yeh’re idiots. But so are middle aged people and old people.” Angus drained his scotch and poured another. “We’re all idiots.”“So who are you to be lecturing me?”“Ah’m no one. Just a middle aged perv who’s fishin’ fer details about yeh hot new girl.”“Ok, fair enough.” Brandon laughed.“So yeh’ll share the details?”“No.”They all laughed at that and Angus turn to Sam.“What about yeh? What’s yeh best lay?”“Oh, Tegan. Without a doubt.” Sam said, finishing his beer and shaking the dregs at the bottom of the bottle.“Aye?”“She’s cute, adventurous, up for anything. Not the hottest, but she gets points just for the shit she’s let me do to her.”“Go on.” Angus encouraged.“Ah Angus, you’ve been there for most of it.” Sam reached across the table and poured some of Angus’ scotch into an empty glass. Angus looked irritated but didn’t object.“C’mon, there’s got to be at least one time yeh got nasty with her in a one-on-one scenario.”“Well… one time I pissed in her mouth.” Sam sipped the scotch then grimaced at the flavour and threw it back in one gulp.“Ew.” Brandon said, making a face. “Wait, Did she…?”“Swallow? Nope. Don’t worry, it was in the bath.”“Still, ew.”“How’d yeh convince her to let yeh do that?”“Well to be fair it was the end of a pretty long night, I think I’d wrung the resistance out of her. But I just told her directly I was gonna do it. She could say no, but she didn’t.”“Well, it’s nae my thing, but I’m impressed by the both o’ yeh.” Angus poured Sam another measure of scotch into Sam’s cup.“Ok, fair’s fair. What’s the kinkiest shit you did with Tegan?”“Ah, well…” Angus demurred. “…Ah might’ve taken her tae a glory hole.”“Those are a real thing?” Brandon asked.“If yeh know where tae look.” Angus nodded. “And ah do. Donnae worry, everyone is properly vetted and clean. I made sure o’ it.”“Everyone? Like multiple?”“Fifteen blokes, she took on. Like a cum guzzling champ.”Brandon and Sam slumped in their chairs.“That was the night you took her shopping for dominatrix gear.” Sam concluded.“Aye.”“Wow. She agreed?”“Took a little arm twisting, but she was convinced.”“Well that makes my poker party seem tame by comparison.”“Poker party?” Brandon queried.“Oh yeah, you weren’t home that night. I had some mates over. Tegan lost at poker. She lost hard.” Sam chuckled. “On purpose.”“On one hand it seems like we’re exploiting Tegan. On the other hand her… willingness… makes it seem like she’s doing exactly what she wants.”“Pure slut, that girl. Through and through.” Angus raised his glass in a toast. Sam tapped it with his plastic cup, Brandon joined the toast with his wine glass.“To Tegan.” -----Yeong and Tegan exited the kitchen just as they were toasting and put a hand to her chest as if flattered.“That was a nice toast, I hope.” She said sweetly.“Aye lass, just reflecting on how much we appreciate having yeh in our lives.”“Did you have a good talk?” Brandon asked.“Sure.” Tegan smiled, giving Brandon a friendly clap on the shoulder. “Bathroom.” She disappeared down the hallway and Yeong sat next to Brandon, giving him a reassuring kiss on the cheek.“Don’t worry, we were just getting to know each other better.” She said. “What about you boys? Good talk?”“Just reliving some memories.” Sam said, sipping his scotch. “Jesus Angus what is this shit?”“That’s Ardbeg Corryvreckan, yeh heathen.”“Corrywhatan?”“Ah, yeh’ve nae taste.”“I need another beer.”“I need to pee.” Brandon announced.“See you in your room?” Yeong hinted.“See you there.” He kissed her cheek and left, hoping Tegan was done.“Cheers to that!” Angus toasted the air as Yeong trailed after Brandon, headed towards his room and Sam headed into the kitchen to get himself a beer, coming back and popping the cap off as he retook his seat, looking around.“Where’s Tegan?” As Brandon shook off he washed his hands and exited the bathroom, slightly tipsy as he headed back to his room. He slipped inside and closed the door behind him, sliding the bolt. When he turned towards the bed he froze in his tracks.Sitting on the bed, wearing only their underwear, were Yeong and Tegan.



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